H2c - KhoRnE & AnTiz - Looking for mates

Hi everyone !

My mate KhoRnE and I are looking for two guys ( from the EU zone ) to team with in the ranked Halo 2 Classic playlist. We have been playing it for awhile, and searching games without 2 mates is the best way to team with stupid people that will make us loose.

That’s why I’m posting here, if you are a decent H2c player, feel free to message me through XbL, so we can have a talk and maybe team all together ? ( Remember to tell me you’re from the Halo forums :slight_smile: )

My gamertag : Mr AnTiz I ( it’s an " i " at the end )

Team work and basic skills are needed, and also a friendly attitude ! You will see how french people are cool ! :wink: