H2A stuck at post game after patch

At the end of the match when the score is reached, I get stuck at the menu screen and have to homescreen and quit. This has happened by myself once, and in a party of 2 people 3 games in a row now. Anyone else having this issue?

I am, I’m pretty sure I was actually playing with you once when it happened to me.

Overall, it’s been three times today.

This has been happening to me lately. It has been after victories in H2A matches.

I did a quick search of this topic and found that it’s been an issue since at least December 2014. ( https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/84ad72a8b51847978545f685f651fc15/topics/new-bug-stuck-at-post-game-stats-with-party/4bc42cd2-7f1d-42b6-8791-cbbd50798d3f/posts?page=1 )

I’m surprised I don’t see more about this on the forums. That’s sad, too, because the less people affected by the bug, the less priority it will have.

In the top right it will say “Uploading stats…” or something, just need to wait for that to clear. Sometimes it takes longer than usual. But ya its annoying as hell.