So I’ve managed to make a really large map on H2A’s forge with the intent to make my own mini Battle Royale game type and I’m confident that this has potential to be a community favorite BUT there’s some problems. I’ve pretty much finished the map however I’m having trouble with the “loot boxes” that I’ve planted all throughout the map. At first, I thought I have succeeded in creating a Battle Royale type loot box with the scripting being able to let players activate a button in which will spawn items outside of the crate boxes. I came up with the scripting formula to make this possible; first I spawned a switch: on along with a timer: Off once and matched all the channels along with the items from the crate boxes. I tested it and got my hopes up. At first, it functioned pretty great; go to crate, push button, items come out(they despawn after 10 seconds). The only thing that’s frustrating me is whenever I enter into any vehicle and then exit the vehicle, I no longer have my weapons from Crates I have looted. Can anyone help me out here? So far I have one alternative and I don’t really like it. And that one is if I just take away the timer and despawn option but that takes away it’s purpose of “looting” a crate for its surprise weapons because then if someone dies with the weapons, they respawn outside of the box; thus defeating its purpose. Please help!!!

Oh, and also… is there anyway that I can edit H2A game type settings to where it has everybody into 4 teams of 4 instead of just telling people through game chat to switch to this or that colored team? This map would be great in teams of quads, otherwise imma just have to make it a FFA to correlate with “solos”.