H2A Rank reset problem

Today was the fourth time my Halo 2 Anniversary rank suddenly decided to reset itself to rank 1. This bug is super anoying 343! Please fix it and give me back my rank 17 for which i have spend my holiday!!

This is some -Yoink-. I just bought the game I was rank 16 but everything was reset. Fix this problem or I’m never playing this -Yoink- again. I bought all halos but This is ridiculous do something about it

Me too :frowning: whats up with this! I was 14/15 or so, for some reason it’s taking me a lot longer to rank up than in the old days (maybe I’m not very good nowadays! but uneven teams people droping out all the time ect doesnt help!) and that was the highest I’ve been, so yeah I’m a little annoyed :frowning:
just give us old Halo 2 at least it worked or the most part! I’d just play big team battle but I can only find games in anniversary :frowning:

  • Today I was playing Halo 2 Anniversary and my ranking reset. I was at a 22 and it reset to a 1. I would like to know how I could get my ranking back. I have spent numerous hours working on getting my rank where it was and now its gone… worst feeling ever. Please restore it.