H2A Poem

Alright alright now, i may seem a little stupid for sharing this with yall, call me no lifer whatever weirdo anything, or hopefully you might like this creation, but i worked on this very hard, and put very deep emotional input into the cry of this poem. But tell me what yall think of it down belo****w, and PS: bs angel LOVED it!!!

Halo 2 Anniversary - MEMORIES
3 years after a journy begun, a new game would shock upon
All the memories we cherished, can be relived with the might of the Xbox One.
10 years ago, was Halo 2
10 years we lived and loved, can be relived on and on.
Thank you 343 for letting us relive the Memories, a decade of Fun!

And just to note out for you guys, this was made back last year in 2014 before the MCC launch, i just never had the desire to post it on here until now. :smiley:

Hope yall enjoyed and at least got a kick out of it, thanks to you all! :slight_smile:

I loved it! Excellent work!