H2A One Bomb gametype does not work, period

So I was Forging a One Bomb map on Skyward. Amateur that I am, I couldn’t get the Goal/Arm Zone to spawn in Custom Games. Frustrated myself for hours flipping labels and traversing to and fro from Forge to Customs- no solution!

Before I drove myself mad, I decided to visit mam’s best friend: the internet. A helpful user told me that the right labels will have to appear in the actual, shipped Anniversery maps and that I can check the Goal/Arm Zone’s labels in one of the six maps. Smart, that one.

So I opened up Forge on Stonetown, found that the labels were as simple as possible, copied that into my map and entered Custom Games. Still. No. Goal. The bomb spawns handsomely, but the player can’t USE it and must resort to thumb-twiddling until the timer runs out.

My interest was piqued. Maybe, the problem isn’t ME after all! No, you silly guy, of course you’re the problem. To prove that to myself, I enter a Custom One Bomb game on Stonetown. Guess what? No goal!

TL;DR: Goals/Arm Zones don’t spawn in One Bomb Assault. I have tested the issue in the Zanzibar and Ascension remakes. Might be a simple label issue (although I did try everything I could think of to get it to spawn), might be something else.