There has got to be an easier way to get this skull. I have been trying for hours. Does anyone know a way where u dont have have to do all that checkpoint nonsense? I dont know if this has anything to do with this but i’ve noticed there are blue tags with numbers counting down from 7. They seem to lead to the skull as i have only found 7 at the beginning, 6 at the light, and 1 where the skull should be. I’d appreciate any help and your thoughts on the numbers.

What I did after following the checkpoints but cannot see the skull: Just press reload/action button at the skull location and it pick it up.

Ok ill help you but ignore the videos.
use scarab and sputnic,ill help you co op if you want

first point before you jump on light to get on roofs

second point crouch on roof overlooking bridge

third scope in on johnson than kill jackals

fourth point wait for pellican to leave

fifth point jump down on right side of bridge grenade jump on other side roofs… look down at dead marine scoped

sixth point jump to the left building adjacent to bridge follow edge to corner crouch or walk arround

final point this one sometimes didnt happen but finish the L shaped roof your on jump to next shoot snipers make sure you got it
jump to tin roof than the one across. Shoot the sniper that comes out from the right
i had to grab the sniper for it to show, but videos didnt

To anyone coming here for a solution, I found a video that got me it on the first try