H2A 4v4 customs

Post your gt or msg me for invite. Got a team of 4 looking for HCS customs!


I’m down

KaBaLLLLiN msg me

some 0tters, the o in otters is a zero. Add me, I’ll bring a friend too

Message sent

anybody? We have 3s now


Add Yabbie Foolz for customs

I’ll play

Halo king6519

AiR Savvy

Message me if you have a to4 and want to scrim sometime.
Gt: TheRealHomesick

Nick Saban UA


If I aint on im prolly on the schitter takin a schidt but ill be on soon

GT- Known as Daddy

I have a team of 4.
Message if interested.
GT: PSU Cloud N9ne

GT - Egyptian Yeti