H2 Vista Dead!! Should Be Free Dowload!!!

They want You To buy a game that nobody plays online hahahahaha thats called a rip off u guys need to make it free so people acually start playing this game cus everybody plays free games it dont matter how old escpecally H2 if it was free think about it!!!

I was on there about a month or so ago.
Still a small community on, not exactly huge numbers, but enough people to always find a game.

Nah. The game is pretty cheap as far as price goes, which on Amazon costs roughly around fifteen dollars (As much as some DLC for current games). Not bad for a good game for PC.

A few hundred people are always playing. Enough to find a game.

If you want to go through the FREE route, go find a Torrent. Honestly, is it that hard to pay for a cheap game?

Look how much you can buy Halo 2 for PC


While I understand that not many people play It, but at least there are still couple of servers you can play on.