H2 Elite armour pieces remade for H3 Elites, please

I have always loved the Heretic Leader. Really cool character and underrated. I’d love it if his armour in particular, as well as all the other H2 Elite variations, are remade into H3 Elite armour pieces. And H3 Arbiter armour pieces should finally be added too.

And the H2C Elite variations should be playable in H2C.

And Reach Elites should get per piece customization.

I’m sure many fans would love and appreciate this, especially old fans. Would be great fan service. I always play as a Spartan but if you did this I’d definitely play as Elite at least some of the time.


This would require a considerable overhaul of the Elite character model, and might end up causing a generous amount of bugs throughout the Reach campaign/firefight modes as well.

Might be more arguable to refit the Reach Elite armor for use with the H3 Elite character instead of going through the trouble of crafting + enabling modular harness customization for Reach; then playing whack-a-mole with the inevitable bug swarm that follows.

Then again, I hold the opinion that the option for playable Elites in H2+A and H3 MP ought to be removed entirely, with the various harnesses subsequently ported to Reach. (These parameters could be expanded to encompass remastered H2/A campaign harnesses at a later date…)
H2A could presumably be consolidated into H4 MP (armor customization, maps, weapons, etc.) after this.

Ideally it can be done but yeah if it’s too difficult then Reach’s Elite armours should be repurposed for H3 and H2A Elites.

At most they would add the jet packs and wings, as well as maybe the honor guard attachments, but for sure not the Councilor helmet unless it was scaled down. The rest is sort of already in Halo 3 as the assualt and flight harnesses are literally 2 takes on the H2C ranger, and most of ascetic is based on the Heretics overall profile. Arbiter on the other hand is treated like Halo 4 chief, so the closest to his armor is probably gonna stay Scion.

Honestly, I just want them to bring more/the rest of the Halo Online Elite armor over, or at least just Cleric so they can fix the existing legs from Season 7.


I’m just waiting for more H2 A armors sets for the elites XD there’s an imbalance between elites and Spartan customization he’ll add some halo 4 armors to em or make some unique ones like how they are doing with the Spartans!


I’d much rather see these added to 2: Anniversary multiplayer. While porting from 2 to 3 would actually be not very difficult, I’ve played with their models and their rigs crosses over very easily, 2: Anniversary multiplayer doesn’t have a very solid identity being this weird limbo between 4 and 2. Giving it the Elite armor’s geometry from the Anniversary Campaign, while taking a bit of work, would look incredible and help with that identity crisis. The heretic armor would take a bit of work, but gosh would be so awesome.


I mainly play H3 and barely play 2A so I’m a bit biased but if I look at it objectively yeah it’d be best to prioritize doing this for 2A.


All elite lovers support you mate, but I really doubt they are going to add anything else for elites, ie 7 out of 8 seasons for spartan and only 1 for elites? Make it clear what your goal is.
But still, I hope they add more elite things, I use elites in all the games that allow it and I really hope they add what you say and other things that I mentioned in another forum topic.

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