h2 BR VS H5 BR battle of the scopes

So I just finished my first game in riptide (which playing nothing like its counterpart btw). I get my hands on the halo 2 BR for the first time since MCC. Mannn the feels then I realize H5 BR is also on the map.

Now I was never a smartscope hater but old zoom still felt good. Idk if I was being nostalgic but isn’t riptide proof that we can coexist??

I have no idea how the programming would work but is a " choose type of scope" toggle option a possibly in let’s say H6. I play a lot of games but I’m pretty “dumb” to the behind the door stuff.

If youve played on riptide how do you feel about both BRs being on the field and classic scope “back” in a a non warzone playlist