H:Wars Update?

This is MY Opinion

I think Halo Wars was unfinished. There was campaign and online. That was all pretty much.

I think there should have been more unit


Pelican : Used for combat and quick transport.
First : Speed Boost - Upgrades the speed.

Second : Rocket Squad - When you buy this Unit. It transports a “Rocket Squad” (Marines with rockets)

Warthog : Should be in Vehicle Depot.

Normal Upgrades

Mongeese - Scout Unit.


First : Assault - A marine with an Assault rifle is on the back

Second : A Marine with a rocket is on the back

(Would be good for a Mongoose roadrage!)

Covenant :

Not much i can think of at this moment.

Rebels :

Rebel Squad


Demolition Squad

Vehicle Depot :

Humvee : (Warthog looking vehicle)

Tank : (Looks similar to the Scorpian)

Mortar Truck (similar to the Wolverine)

Airpad : Falcon

Rebel Pelican


I think there should be a “Forge Map” Mode.
You can pick terrain and build everything. Advantages. Everything and have your friends play on it!
Sandbox mode: A huge map with 25,000 supplies and 50 units. You just battle until every last thing is dead.

Thats all for now. Feel free to leave ideas/Units on this and i’ll edit it in (I’ll give you credit)

Rebels sould have all the same units as UNSC because most rebels were UNSC marines and generals before the war broke out.

Also the rebels stole several UNSC frigates.

> Rebels sould have all the same units as UNSC because most rebels were UNSC marines and generals before the war broke out.
> Also the rebels stole several UNSC frigates.

Yeah but if you ever looked or clicked a unit in rebels sometimes they have a Unit called " Sniper" I think it would be cool to add more units and factions.

just posting my ideas for a future halo wars here
hope it gives you some ideas
halo wars: past battles

Past battles takes place in several battles in the halo universe Starting with a the very first. The first is a tutorial where you play as the forrunners. Your mission is locate the activation code to activate the halos. Meaning you are fighting a endless wave of flood using forrunners. (all infantry is 1 person instead of squad based and vehicles can switch to flight mode meaning they have no air pad, leaders fight on battle meaning they have only 1 tech building)
The next 2 missions have you playing as the Insurrectionists. Your missions are to steal a UNSC frigate and then use it to activate a nuclear device in between a UNSC Fleet and take out half of them freeing trade for the rebel planet your on.Your units are all built in home base and so are your forces. Things like mining tunnels(supplys), Barracks, Engines (tech), Refinery’s (vehicles), Landing Pad (air support) all work like upgrades to the base. Bases only cost a small 100 supply’s and build fast. Units are weak but can be made fast and only cost half of what there UNSC counter parts are. (except snipers) Also unlike other rebels you have Titans (people who can fight Spartans on even terms but slowly loose health) (instead of warthogs they use mongeese)
The next 5 are UNSC battles on 3 different planets. 2 telling some of the story of Halo: Contact Harvest (meaning Johnson is are leader)The next 2 are on Skopje where AI Beowulf has been placed to help collect troops to help get people off the planet.the last is a battle in space where you must fight a fleet of covenant over onyx (Halsey will be leading this fight but only to help herself get on the planet.they play like they did in the old but vultures and super units are gone. Instead they use Longswords and spartan III’s (who use stealth instead of high jack and don’t have over shields. They take up 2 population and take 2 tech to start building
last is the covenant. 5 missions all revolving around the events during and past reach.The first is in space lead by Tartarus . All you need to do is destroy the UNSC frigate.the second and third are with the commander of Long Night of Solace . Your mission is to take over oni base and defend a spire (not the one from the game reach one of the others) the last are lead by Truth during the battle of instillation 4 (hes not there just giving transmitions they work just like they do in halo wars but no vampires or locust. instead Air Artillery and shadows

Things to add to a new halo wars
Stealth Seraph : (Replacement for vampire)
Attack pelicans (A flying baracks)
Mammoth (A elephant that was built for vilant ice winds. It has thick armor to transport troops)
The Mantis :A replacement for the Locust and it walks on 2 legs

Better upgrade mechanics Like A upgrade wheel

There are 2 normal upgrades for a spartan 1 is That chip letting him highjack faster. then theres level 2 weapons
Then there are weapon changed that let them change what there best at killing. This is where the wheel of upgrades come in.
Weapon Level one weapon level 2
SMG(Large Infantry)-------------------------------Machine gun turret (Better Large Infantry)
DMR (small Infantry)-------------------------------Sniper Rifle (better small Infantry)
Rocket launcher (Small vehicle)------------------Spartan laser (Large vehicles and Flying units)

Halo Wars: True Fate
Halo War: True Fate (idea)On the planet Circumstance 99 year old Fleet Admiral Jorge K. Fisher is defending the planet. He was ranked Fleet Admiral during the Insurrection wars but was stripped of his fleet during the covenant-human war but because of his known tactics and such loyal soldiers He got to keep his frigate and he was sent to Guard and entire planet alone (they thought the war would never come this close to home so really just put him out here to stay out the way so the younger people could fight the good fight). How ever there has been a large rebellion on this planet and now the covenant have arrived. With 2 armys at his door step and communication’s with reach down He has no other option besides to fight this alone.
GAMEPLAYThere are 4 factions you can choose UNSC, Rebel, Covenant, and heretic (not in story) UNSC plays normal Rebels Plays like covenant Covenant play normal Heretic plays just like unsc
LeadersFor space shake iIl let you think of the rebel covenant and hereitic leaders
SGT. Cage J. Krane: A man of few words and solid actions, He has been after Jorge’s job for 3 years now but he follows him with loyalty. He at one time helped SGT Forge make the Grizzle and cyclops but with forge gone he now uses these monsters for his own doing.
Communications expert Jenny Revel: A young women who sadly has no war experiences but is the highest in her field. She can cause massive com black out to her opponents thanks to this (making the entire map go dark except there base making it impossible to give orders) for short times and she uses Modified pelicans to insure fast and safe transport of troops (flying elephant)
Fleet Admiral Jorge K. Fisher:(History given) He at one time helped in making ODST drop pods but he left the project once he was promoted. As such he uses them but He has upped it by upgrading his Spartans with EVA to make them more adapt when using these pods (lets you drop pod a spartan in if needed)

Thank you. Lots of ideas. I love Halo Wars and i would LOVE to see a new one. Or an update!

I don’t think there will be one any time soon. the company who made it was shut down soon after its release.
Plus since it’s been out for a while, I think it would just be better to release a new game.

Maybe 343I can make one?

ya but those who belonged to it now work for 343 so its possible


could you please explain the heritic and rebel thing better?