H.infinite's Campaign and Weapon Variety

One of the features of H.Infinite that pushes itself away from other titles is the massive trimming-down of the weapons sandbox. Although this may have been done to combat weapon redundancy and to give each weapon a purpose, one of the main criticisms of the Campaign have been it’s lack of weapon variety. With H.Infinite having, no doubt, multiple Campaigns, I have a suggestion for weapons in future iterations of the story.
Bring back weapons from Halo 3. Halo 3 is a fan-favourite Halo Game and many of it’s weapons are iconic. As a way to improve the current H.Infinite weapon sandbox, I suggest bringing back many weapons from Halo 3 yet with some tweaks and re-workings aiming to reduce elements of redundancy. This could be a rather difficult task as increased weapon variety and decreased weapon redundancy almost oppose one another. With this being said, I will give some examples of weapons that could return.

  • The Brute Shot:
    The Brute Shot is an ever-iconic weapon, especially for the Brutes (go figure) and I thought that it was a real missed opportunity that Halo Infinite did not bring back the weapon when the Brutes made their long-awaited return. Possibly, a way that this weapon could be made unique in the sandbox could be doubling down on the physics of the gun. For this, I will bring up a suggestion from someone else on my previous recommendation blog on the Brute Shot as inspiration. The Brute Shot could go back to Halo 2’s 4 grenades in a clip yet the Brute Shot in Halo Infinite could use an alternate firing mode. One of these modes, the normal one, could prioritise raw damage over physics manipulation and the other firing mode could be the exact opposite with more physics manipulation yet not much raw damage. The projectiles should also indicate what mode that they are.

  • The Classic Shotgun:
    The Classic Shotgun (and by this, I mean the pre-Bulldog shotgun) has been in every FPS Halo Game. I was personally really gutted by the choice on 343’s part to remove it. However, I do understand their reasoning on making a less powerful shotgun and to counter much irritation at the classic gameplay and the Reclaimer-era asthetic. I would say that the Halo 3 shotgun’s reintroduction while making the weapon more balanced could be as such. The Halo 3 Shotgun (that I’ll be calling the Shotgun from now on) could in stead have a two-shot kill from full health at short range (one to break shields and the other to kill health). However, this weapon could have relatively high delays in between firing shots. This means that the weapon could be easily avoided when the victim is given space to escape, making it so that the attacker needs to pin down the victim.

  • The Spiker:
    With the introduction of the Mangler into Halo Infinite and my suggestion of the Brute Shot, I think the Spiker is another brute weapon that could be introduced into the game, and with quite some success too. The spiker, on the whole, could remain roughly the same. The only changes I would say that should be done if it returns is a buff in damage as the Halo 3 one required being dual-wielded. This weapon could be a Brute “in-between” the Assault Rifle and the Commando. The new spiker could have a rate of fire and a damage both in-between the AR and the Commando

When responding to my ideas, please respond to the concepts provided rather than their possibility of their introduction.