GWG recruiting all players for XBOXLive, join now!

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Hello, I’m Venomcaster and I’m here to represent Grunt Work Gaming. We are more than just a spartan company, but a full halo community. You won’t find a more family type of clan around. We have 4 divisions in our community to fit all playstyles and all skill levels: an offensive and defensive house, plus a subdivision of each house that is reserved for our elite players. We use a phone app “wechat” to communicate to everyone in the community and schedule game days or training days weekly. If you are interested in checking us out, here are some links:
Our Website:
Our Spartan Company:
Our Facbook Page: Redirecting...
Our Twitter:
WeChat website:
We are a very social community, so all applicants must be able to use the phone app “wechat” and have an xbox microphone. All applicants must also be over 18. If you would like to join us, here’s how:

  1. Send a request to our spartan company on halo waypoint.
  2. Download the phone app “WeChat” and add me “VenomcasterGWG”, then send me a message so I can set you up with everything you need.
  3. Add Venomcaster or CoOkEdYoNoOdLeS on xbox live and send us a message so we can help get you set up.
    That’s it! I hope you will join us and I can’t wait to see you on the battlefield.
    ---- “Would it help if I said, please?” - Sergeant Johnson
    PS: We are close to getting the Achilles armor!