Guys, rate these control layouts I made

I was wondering, because many of us aren’t liking the control schemes they’ve given us, such as Crouch for B, and Sprint for LS being incredibly different compared to other Halo control schemes, and Recon having X as sprint I began wondering if there was still time in development to tweak the control layouts a bit.

It would be great to have a custom control scheme option, but I can see the argument about it being much harder to find button exploits that way, but one can still wish.

But to the real issue, if they can’t then this whole topic will have been made in vain.

Can 343i still change one or more of the control layouts for Halo 4 at this point in development?

But to my control schemes, I have one that’s had some ‘positive reviews’ with the Halo 4 GameFAQs board…

According to the GameFAQs board, this one would be their go-to layout when it comes to the layouts for this game. It’s a Halo 2/Ability Layout.

The Halo 2 layout worked well for a long time, and with this, all the non-combat things are in the bumpers, so you can easily maneuver through the map with sprint, while always being able to quickly turn it off and use an AA.

Unlike the Default control scheme however, you don’t have to give up Crouch being easy to use , so you can still Crouch-jump easily. And you don’t have to give up the controls you’ve been used to for the past 7 or so years.

I’m not saying change the Default layout, I can understand you want people from other games to come and get Halo 4, I want that too. But give us something that we’re used to, and something that feels like Halo without one clearly glaring problem, for Default it’s B being Crouch imo, and for Recon it’s X being sprint. I don’t have much of an opinion on the other layouts because I’ve only used Bumper Jumper a few times back in the Halo 3 days.

Anyway, I’d call it the Specialist or something…

LB: Sprint
RB: Armor Ability
RT: Shoot
LT: Grenade
A: Jump
X: Reload/Action
B: Melee
Y: Switch Weapons
LS: Move/Crouch
RS: Aim/Zoom
D-PAD: Switch Grenades

Then there’s this one, it’s probably worse than Recon which is in the game, but it’s more of a Default Halo: Reach control scheme:

LB: Sprint
RB: Melee
RT: Shoot
LT: Grenade
A: Jump
B: Armor Ability
X: Reload/Action
Y: Switch Weapons
LS: Move/Crouch
RS: Aim/Zoom
D-PAD: Switch Grenades

So thanks a lot guys, tell me how you feel about the layouts for Halo 4, and if you’re fine with the one’s 343 has made, or if you want some new ones. And please, give me your opinion on my layouts.

I’d think control schemes are very easy to change.

im sure we will be able to customize the controls

If you didn’t actually know what the controls are, they’re all shown in that link.

> I’d think control schemes are very easy to change.

They are so easy to change, that in most games, there’s this feature that lets you customize your control scheme!

Which is a must for Halo 4!


i think that the recon control scheme is good, but sprint should be LB and AA should be X

Bumper Jumper will always be king though.

Since Halo 4 won’t have customizable control schemes, 343 will hopefully put it tons of layouts to choose from.

I would personally like:
RT: Use Weapon
LT: Use Grenades
RB: Zoom
LB: Jump
B: Action/Reload
X: Sprint
Y: Switch Weapons
RS: Aim/Melee
LS: Move/Crouch
D-Pad: Grenades/Ordnance

I personally don’t like them. I’d go.
RT-Fire Weapon
Y-Swap weapons
Left Stick Click-Sprint
Right Stick Click-Zoom
Dpad-toggle grenades

Alternatively to my other one I’d also be fine with
<mark>LT - Throw Grenade</mark>
<mark>RT - Fire Weapon</mark>
<mark>LB - Sprint</mark>
<mark>RB - Action/Reload</mark>
<mark>Y - Swap Weapons</mark>
<mark>B - Melee</mark>
<mark>X - AA</mark>
<mark>A - Jump</mark>
<mark>RS - Move/Croutch (probably didn’t spell that right)</mark>
<mark>LS - Look/Zoom</mark>

Given how many different functions there are now I think that the Specialist layout you made would be perfect.

> Halo 4 doesn’t allow you to create your own custom control layout.

All the more reason why Halo 4 needs to have customizable control layouts!

my dream loadout:
Y:switch weapons
dpad down:switch nades
Rest of dpad: ordinance

> > Halo 4 doesn’t allow you to create your own custom control layout.
> All the more reason why Halo 4 needs to have customizable control layouts!

Frankie said that there won’t be customizable layouts because they won’t be able to test every one of them for button combos. D:

I like the specialist control scheme you made due to having extra things like having sprint as a default player ability plus Armor Ability

The control scheme I’ve been wanting since the beginning is what you call Specialist, and I thought that would be something like default, and I was so surprised I didn’t see that control scheme at E3.

Like, It’s so PERFECT!

You can use Sprint and your AA while moving and looking around, which is what those things are known to be used with.

Melee has normally been on B since the beginning, and you just tap that so you don’t need to move and look around while back smacking.

Reload is back to X like Halo:CE and 2, perfectly normal.

But this fixes the Crouch problem with the normal controller schemes. Crouch isn’t on a limited cod-esque B button… You can’t look around while crouching, how dumb is that!? You instead put Melee on RB, where there is no need to look around?

The normal button layouts don’t seem at all like anything I would use.

So, to everyone who wants the Specialist Scheme, thank this man for making a thread on it! (Although I did one a couple months ago)