what guns should they add?

The shooty pew-pew kind.

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> what guns should they add?

-Plasma Repeater
-Focus Rifle or Sentinel Beam
-Plasma Rifle
-Concussion Rifle

Bonus section, Vehicles.
Covenant vehicles could use some variety, lets be honest.
Halo 2 Anniversary Gungoose (the one with machineguns)
Falcon or toned-down Hornet
Troop-Transport Warthog

A promethean sword

Plasma rifle

They should replace the scout hogs with troop transport hogs.

They should add an RPN (Rocket Propelled Nuke) and be able to requisition it in Warzone at req level 9. :smiley:

Good ones

Pro pipe (aka grenade launcher), mauler (although those are better when daul wielding), and flamethrower (acts like Halo PC version but looks like h3’s version)

Brute shot, spiker, mauler

Mr. Toots from Red Faction Armageddon.

If they’re going to go with te COD formula, they might a well add air support–that’s a must in today’s warfare anyway. Call in a Broadsword bombing strafe, a Pelican on overwatch, a precise orbital laser strike, etc. that’s would be cool. The last one reminded me of Reach’s Target Designator. They should have incorporated that into MP.

> 2533274857968628;1:
> what guns should they add?

They need to re-add every vehicle and weapon from every halo. As for something new a promethean sword or blade of sorts would be cool.