Guns In Halo 5 - A Constructive Suggestion

Right , I know many people are gonna look at this next point and think NO WAY! But hear me out here and give me a change . In Halo 5 , I am thinking why not add gun attachments. I’m not saying attachments like Scopes or Grenade Launchers But attachments like Flashlight and Suppressor.

In Halo 5 there could be many attachments that wouldn’t break the Halo Experience or make it like CoD with it’s 20 different scopes. Here I’m talking basics attachments that just add a bit more to levelling up and a bit more to the Halo experience. Halo plays very different from other shooters and although gun attachments are in every popular FPS . I think Halo 5 Would benefit with some basic gun attachments.

Here is my lists tell me what you think :

Extended Magazine - Popular in other games , wouldn’t break the experience . Only add to it.

Flash-light - Just like the flash light off Halo CE , could be used on dark maps . The flash-light should be unable to blind opposing players instead only light up dark places.

Bullet Sizes - I believe being able to change the bullets your gun fires would be great in Halo 5 , i’m not talking Armor piercing Bullets here or Bullets that go through walls instead much simpler customizations that wouldnt break Halo . Instead you could have a bullet type with more damage but alot more recoil . A bullet type with less damage but better range and a bullet with decent range and damage etc.

There’s just a couple things I thought of but I’m sure if 343i did add attachments like these then they could think of plenty more one’s that wouldnt break the game and turn it into CoD.

You already have a thread on this.