Guns are infinitely the worst!

The guns in halo infinite are by far the worst of any halo!

The Commando is both under powered and uncontrollable.

The disruptor is a joke, it takes multiple clips and at least 12 head shots to get a kill when playing on console, and good luck killing anyone with body shots!

The sidekick is a about as useful as a BB gun against a grizzly bear.

Needler doesn’t shoot fast enough to get a super combine.

All the plasma based cov weapons are USELESS! Takes way too many shots to get a kill!

One of the best weapons was the mangler and that has been nerfed and is a waste now!

The shotgun in every halo before this one was a one shot close combat weapon and now it takes 3-4 shots no matter the distance.

The assault rifle needs multiple reloads to kill anything beyond a Grunt.

The weapon play in this game is not fun! Older games you’d have a blast with the BR or DMR, not anymore, the DMR is just gone and the BR “jams” and has major drift between unzoomed and zoomed!

Even the spanker should be renamed to “moderate slapper” because it wouldn’t do enough damage to kill a player without 2 shots!

Plasma grenades bounce off people as do the spike grenades, NO MORE STICKIES.

I seriously HATE this game but keep hopping it gets better and they make changes, but every time they change something, they make it worse! Case and point Mangler!

Upon doing some reading and watching, it seems lots of other people are having similar issues. In one video I saw a pc player shot with 3-4 clips from the disruptor followed by the sidekick by a console player, and the PC player turned and killed the console player with 3 shots…