Gunning for Gungnir

I’m finally starting to get back into Matchmaking again. I use to play quite a bit back toward the tail end of the Halo 3 days … but after starting a family my “playtime” diminished and became fairly unpredictable. I ended up sticking to games and game types where I could pause for unspecified amounts of time to either return … or just give up for the evening and shut down. (I didn’t want to be the AFK guy that everybody loves)

But now that my game time is starting to increase and become more predictable I decided to jump back in and see how bad I’ve become.

I’ve set a goal of working towards unlocking the Gungnir armor and had a question regarding it.

I understand that it unlocks for completing the Slayer Victory Commendation. (535 overall slayer victories) But what counts as a Slayer victory? Do Flood and Grifball count? What play lists work towards the commendation, and which ones don’t.

Flood and Grifball are their own gametypes (Grifball victories may count towards the Oddball Victory commendation, but I’m not sure–I know Ricochet games count as Oddball victories).

All non-Flood non-Regicide gametypes that give you points towards the goal for killing other players will count towards the Slayer Victory commendation.

Interesting tidbit about Ricochet. I wasn’t aware of that.

So basically any killing game type (team or solo, excluding Flood) is considered a Slayer game then.

> So basically any killing game type (team or solo, excluding Flood) is considered a Slayer game then.

Pretty much. The only goal in slayer gamtypes is to finish with more kills than the opponents. It does not take points into account (so if I got an assist worth 5 points, it would not go towards the games final score). This is why Slayer is different to Regicide and Flood as both gametypes use points to determine the final score (so if I got an assist in flood, it would go towards my final score).

If you are going for the armor, I would suggest avoiding BTB, Team Snipers and Team Slayer (unless playing with skilled friends). BTB games take a long time, I could finish 2-3 SWAT games by the time one BTB game is up depending on the gametype (which is another thing, BTB also has objective now). Team Snipers is full of very skilled players and also the campy players leading to longer matches. Team Slayer usually has a lot of people searching in full partys making games very challenging.

I would suggest the fast paced SWAT or even Action Sack. Action Sack is probably the most casual playlist therefore you are often matched with easy players. Fiesta is a blast to play. Both SWAT and Fiesta games can be finished very quickly. Also get some team mates to make winning that bit easier.

Thank you MZealous, that was going to be my next question.

I might stick with the team or big team until I get my feet back under me and my reflex’s back up again.

I pretty much play SWAT exclusively and got it quickly in there. SWAT games are generally faster paced and shorter in length than the other Slayer playlists.