Gungoose tricks

Anyone got tips for getting kills with the gungoose? I’m planning to work on it and need some pointers.

I like to keep my distance from players so I don’t get noticed easily. Also sneaking up behind players is effective. Don’t try to engage in close quarters with the gungoose.

slowly drive it right into a crowded enemy base! Then go ham!

Keep your distance, The Gungoose will shoot far enough, and you want to have time to adjust your shot if necessary.

Use it to Assault locations and choke points. Attack bases and people will line up to get killed.

Did you know that a passenger has unlimited grenades. Total killing machine.

Always stick close to cover, make sure you have room to back up and retreat if things go awry.

when the enemy can attack your core go in the back with your gungoose then throw unlimited grenade’s

If you want to farm kills with it, only do drive by’s at near full speed.

If you get behind a ghost you can kill the driver if you aim for the top of the ghosts body.

Imagine it’s a sea ship and you’re maneuvering to get angle to fire your cannons.