Gungoose kills challenge is going to make me insane

This vehicle isn’t even a normal spawn, it only shows up sometimes, randomly, dropped by Pelicans. If it does, you’re not guaranteed to get it unless you’re sitting by on a normal Mongoose and waiting for drops to speed to them and check. Then, if you do get it, you might just get blown off it immediately because a tank might drop twenty seconds later.



Agreed. It should be “Get X kills with a vehicle (any)”. Some current challenges are too specific to be done organically.

If the gungoose was a 1 hit kill it would be more doable. But its 2 hits, and people generally camp corners and clump up. Its near impossible to score a kill with the gungoose on the current maps.

Yeah, some of these challenges are just way over the top. One I got from last week was essentially knocking an enemy off the map with a repulsor three times. That is so damn specific and situational, I don’t see how anyone could get it without directly working with the enemy team to farm it.

Another one was getting 3 skyjacks. Now, I realize this is just a me thing, but I think in all my years playing Halo, I’ve gotten about 2 of those. Now they want me to get 3 of them in one week? Pass.

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Gungoose is basically arty.

  • If you park it medium-long from where ever the cluster -Yoink!- is on the map you can rack up kills.
  • You can shoot over a crest as cover pretty easily.
  • the further away you are the better because the nose can stay still, but just just rocking back and forth slightly while aiming to the side is a quick way to not waste shots.
  • Grav lift to high ground is a viable option when you’re not being harassed by snipers.
  • You can check the incoming drop buy watching where the transport flies in from till the IFF pops up.

First time I went for it I got 13 kills before crash to desktop (because the game knew I was going for the challenge), then I did 4 and 3 the next 2 times I got a ride on one. The latter being a broken one that I punched an enemy off of.

Embrace the succ

Bruh, the problem is not getting kills with the Gungoose, the problem is getting a Gungoose to appear.

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Bruv, they show up like at least once per BTB usually. Especially when the score is close.

Yeah. Once, maybe. And if you don’t get it you’re done for.

Hence why challenges based on RNG shouldn’t exist.

Man, I had one for the scorpion the other day. At the moment I think I only even see one scorpion every three or four days?

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