Gungnir helmet gone

I’m SR 130, I’ve had the Gungnier helmet a while, it looks awesome, but it recently disappeared. I now have no helmet nor slayer victory mastery. I was reset to “expert” and my helmet gone. I spoke to Microsoft, I finally spoke to the product manager and he said to contact 343 about remotely adding it, as he said he did not have the “code” for it.

Thanks in advance.

That’s very strange, i, for one never heard that before. Just out of curiosity, do you know when you completed Slayer Victory?

A few months ago, I believe.

Thank you for your post, RIC0CHETING. We’re currently investigating your report and will follow up with results. Thank you for your patience.

We have investigated your account, and it shows that neither the Slayer Victory commendation nor Gungnir helmet have been unlocked. In order to unlock the helmet, you’ll need to complete the Slayer Victory commendation.