In this YouTube video: How to Make "Gungeese" in Halo 4! - YouTube , the YouTuber, 0iah shows you how to make gungeese in Halo 4. You need a specific gammode for this to work, but he doesn’t tell you what the game mode is. Does anyone know the game mode for this? I’m trying to make a Mario Kart stage, and this would be awesome with gungeese.

This is a modded gametype you are discussing. It’s best to stay away from it to prevent a chance at being banned by the Automated Banhammer for using it. You probably didn’t see it in the video description, but it is modded. So with that said, may I ask a moderator to remove the said link and lock this thread please?

Sorry but no one is going to give you the information to a modded gametype because it’s against the rules.