Gun just randomly stops firing

Not certain if this is super widespread, but I’m playing on a Series S and tried with all different controllers. In the middle of firing a full auto weapon like the assault rifle, it will randomly just stop firing. I have to let go of the trigger and squeeze it again to get it to fire again. I haven’t had the chance to record an example, but I know I’m not the only one with this issue. It’s been posted on the Halo subreddit as well.

Oddly, I’ve also seen it with ADS like the Sniper Rifle or Skewer, where I’ll be zoomed in for aim and it just exits as if I’ve let go of the left-trigger. Same thing though, I unsqueeze and resqueeze to get back into ADS. Haven’t seen anyone else with this problem. Not sure if it’s related or maybe I’m just going crazy.

Hoping this can get fixed before too long.

Yeah this has happened to me multiple times, usually with the bulldog.