Gun for hire!

Hey, all my friends quit Reach, so I’ve gone Lone Wolf the past few months, and have decided to find some people to fight alongside with.

Gamertag: Crazyfoomandude.

Rank: Eclipse.

Time zone/location: GMT, England

K.D. 1.25 (Don’t let your younger brother play, guys…)

I own all DLC.

Preferred settings: TU.

Preferred weapons: Assault Rifle, DMR, Needle Rifle, Grenade launcher, Sniper Rifle(not bad, but there’s room for improvement),

Preferred Playlists: Super Slayer ( :frowning: My Squad Slayer’s gone!), Invasion, Big Team battle, Multi Team and SWAT (sometimes).

Preferred team position: marksman, Pilot, Recon (I love sneaking up on the enemy team and listening in to their conversations!) and Designated Driver.

Preferred Vehicles: Warthog (Any variant) and Falcon.

I play Arena occasionally, and I’m addicted to Rumble Pit. I win the majority of my games, especially in FFA, where I win around 7-10 of my games. I like to play with a team. I don’t talk much, but I’ll speak up when necessary, and my favorite map would be… well, I can’t decide. But I’m not a big fan of reflection.

I play Arena from time to time, but I’ve been rated only once (Silver) and after then, well, my friends left.

I like to play for fun, but I’m not totally laid back. On a scale of one to 10, I’m at around six-seven. Play for fun, play to win.

I don’t really like changing my armour for clans, and I don’t want to change my service tag, either. To be honest, I’m looking for friends more then clans or groups, but I’ll happily join a clan based on competitive fun, and not just dumb-a** fun or over-competitiveness.

Looking forward to the fight! See you on the Battlefield!