Gun for hire

First things first…

I have no intention of joining your clan.

I’m asked on a regular basis and no, just no.
no offence intended though.

Alright… lets get down to it.
I play Halo 4 on a regular basis. A “lone wolf” as they call it.
I’ve been playing halo since Halo CE’s Custom matchmaking was presented in glorious fashion.
I’m not the best player in the world… but id definitely give the best player in the world a damn good game.

All I’m looking for is people to play with that wont quit. its the most annoying thing on the planet. i don’t care if your all meat-shields, I just want full teams to fight beside.

My mic is damaged at the mo but should be up and running again in a few days, still sometimes i just wont want to talk… a silent stalker… but i follow orders and requests well. need me to back you up, shout out… first thing i look for is team mates in danger and try and help them. but i wont follow them into direct fire… (sorry meat-shields)

Weather your a clan or a gathering of friends. if you need an extra player…
I’m your Man
Check out my profile
also on halo tracker


Request me as a friend

If I’m online, ill play with you.