Gulchtopia : A City RP

It’s a calm day in the City of Gulchtopia. People are driving down the street in their Mongooses and Warthogs, people who aren’t working are relaxing at the bar, everything is peaceful. When all of a sudden it happens, several elites sporting plasma weapons rush out of an apartment building spraying into crowds of people on the streets. Panicked cops try to fight back, almost unable to discern friend from foe, frightened civilians try to run or fight back, it’s chaos. By the end many dead bodies litter the streets and the survivors are left to wonder what happened.

That is just one of many wacky things that happen in Gulchtopia, a City RP where you can be and do almost anything, you can work as a simple bar tender, earning enough money to buy a home and your own business. Or you could turn to a life in the city’s seedy underground as a prize bumfighter or crime family enforcer. The opportunities are endless.

This isn’t some haphazard little game that won’t be around in a week or so, our community has been going since 2011 and we even have our own website.

If you are interested in Gulchtopia and want to know more or get in on our next game, send a friend request to NILLOC 916 and visit