Guilty Spark Emblem, How?

I remember reading a topic long ago about the emblem. Does anyone know how it is obtained? 343 Employee? Glyph Code maybe?

I saw that emblem today as well as the shark emblem from one guy when I was playing some custom games. I’m pretty sure he was “unlocking” things that weren’t supposed to be unlocked because he wouldn’t tell me how he got them.

I know this for a fact, if any person is using a “Team” emblem, it’s modded and you should report that person’s Gamertag to an Administrator on the forums or an Employee. I’m still curious on how the emblem is obtainable.

I’m not 100%, but I am pretty sure that the Guilty emblem is only for those who work for 343i.

That’s what I’m thinking. But no one from what I know has seen an 343 Employee and them having that emblem. I wish we could get it confirmed if the emblem is at least obtainable in some manner.

<— You mean this?

I want to know too. I really want that Emblem, for multiple reasons.

I’m assuming it’s obtainable through Waypoint glyps eventually (it’s already confirmed that Series 2 of the Halo 4 Mcfarlane figures have glyphs for new Halo 4 in-game unlocks). But I’ve also heard it’s exclusive to 343i, which makes sense, and kinda makes me upset in thinking that maybe I can’t get the Guilty Emblem.

If section 3 finds it, Waypoint will be the first to know. :slight_smile:

Take it from a guy who knows a modder. He has unlocked emblems no one can yet, like Guilty Spark or team emblems. I’m betting it’s a modder.

I could see that being the last emblem unlocked by Section 3. Or, maybe it’ll be given to us the way the blue flaming helmets and Bungie nameplates were given to employees in Reach, but later unlocked for the whole community.

Well if anyone is interested the overachiever emblem was just found yesterday through waypoint.

glyph sequences website

A forum moderator said it was meant to be for 343i employees only.

> A recent conversation with one of the Community Leader type folks at 343 confirmed that the Silentium code will not unlock the Guilty emblem. It’s meant to be a 343 exclusive.