Guide to enjoying MCC

After trying and trying to get into a multiplayer game, and still yet to progress past a “players found” screen/message and not see the players who have been found, I finally figured out a simple process to enjoying the master bug collection. Note this only works for those who purchased a hard copy

1 - take game cd out of the console
2 - go back to where you bought it
3 - use consumer law of being sold a product that doesn’t perform as advertised to get a refund!

The guys at EB Games here in Australia don’t even question you getting a refund on MCC. The lady that served me simply said “yeah that multiplayer is -Yoink- huh?”.

I am looking forward to next year when they get MCC working, I’ll be sure to rush back to my local EB Games and buy a preowned copy. That way I get to FINALLY enjoy the reason I purchased the console and master bug collection, and 34shite industries don’t get a cent of my money.

I’m also looking forward to the same thing with Halo 5. 343 can get -Yoinked!- if they think I’ll be preordering or buying the game when it comes out. 2nd hand copy all the way. Come to think of it, I might only buy second hand games just to shove it to -Yoink!- for allowing this piece of -Yoink- to come out.

And to those who are playing and reporting the bugs, thank you for performing 343’s quality control. You have my gratitude in doing this job. I doubt you’ll be paid for your services by those spastics.

Thank god for Australia’s consumer law protections. Honestly, as much as I love Halo, this is beyond ridiculous.