Guest Accounts

The past few weekends I have tried to play team slayer with myself and a guest. However it just searches and eventually kicks me back to the selection screen. Then if I go solo it finds a game. I have seen other people online playing with guests-why does it keep kicking me out?

Most people can’t currently play with guests on MCC. The last Xbox platform update screwed up the ability to play with guests on matchmaking. The only way around it is to create new xbox iive accounts. Just create an account like usual, but when asked if you want to upgrade the account to gold decline it. The created accounts will automatically be gold membership, all running off of the paid membership of your main account. Xbox did this to allow families to play on one subscription.
When you create your new account and sign it in on MCC, it might pop up an alert telling you multiplayer access is not allowed. Simply hit OK, and press A again and it will sign the new account in. Hope this helps!

thank you, makes sense because that error message was popping up.