Guardian Sentinels in Halo 5

Are there more than one of the guardian sentinels (assuming they are sentinels) revealed so far, or has it gotten a serious redesign since the original trailer? My phone can’t paste links, but in the original trailer, there are noticable differences:
It has an orange glow originally compared to the blue glow of the cover art (Didact v Librarian? at least color wise even if they dont return).
The second sentinel is also slightly different in shape, with fewer pieces at different angles.
And, although trailers arent nescesarily canon, there is nothing in tjhe distance on the original trailer, while the cover art shows it emerging very close to civilization.

This might’ve already been covered on the forum, although I havent seen it, and I want to at least clear this up for myself.

Forerunner stuff likes to float around itself (see every time you pick up a Forerunner weapon in Halo 4), wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the same exact construct without any redesign.

I have a feeling Guardian Sentinels are the anomalies that FERO talked about, maybe awoken in the Absolute Record.

No one can be sure but it’s likely there are more than 1