Guardian remake in Forge

This is a map by UneeQ!
Check it out. I love his design and aesthetic for this remake.



If i was a construction worker and that map walked by me, I’d cat call.


I’m amazed by the talent out there.

If 343 can work out how to tap into this resource - Infinite has a future.

They figured this out since they took over Halo.
They create a empty game then they have the players fix it and pay them in armor and emblems.
Cheapskates should give $3k to everyone who’s maps they put in MM. Just saying.

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The player’s have been saying they know better for years. So it’s actually a blessing that they they finally get their chance to fix it.

No game company should rely on the player base to fix the game.
It’s their whole job.
If they’re gonna outsource all the fixes to the player they should actually pay them.

Or… you could produce an awesome creation tool (at great expense) and let players have fun with it for free.

The content then becomes a mutual win-win for both parties.

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I would agree if that creation tool launched at release or close to it, but after almost half a year? Yeah no. Pay the Forgers. Especially since the maps that 343! included with the game are this meh.

Better late than never…

I only just saw the video and omg, if people coming up with things like that before it’s even out, I’m excited :smile: