Guaranteed BR/DMR start playlist

Chances are if you played Halo 3, you heard the infamous “Veto for BRs!” in the pre-game lobby.

This is something that people have been wanting since Halo 3 released, and yet we didn’t get it until the MLG playlist, but even then, we didn’t get the stock experience with radars, equipment, etc and have a guaranteed BR start.

There should be 2 Slayer playlists. There should be “Standard Slayer” and there should be “Precision Slayer”. Precision Slayer would let players start with a Battle Rifle AND a DMR (these are the 2 precision weapons we’ve seen as starting weapons).

This would also eliminate the times when you sometimes have to sacrifice the gametype you want to play in order to play the map you want to play.

I honestly don’t see how this system could hurt anyone in any way. It gives players MORE options and freedoms for what and how they play, and the people who have been wanting this will finally have it.

Would anyone else like this idea?

Anyone can start with any weapon now (except power weapons.) If you want both a BR and a DMR, go right ahead. Just use the firepower armor mod.

I like the idea, but as soon as one playlist hurt the population of the other significantly they would end up reintegrating them. It would be a short lived experience but a nice options to have

Oh, and btw

load outs :slight_smile:

Well considering we have load outs now this should be a moot point. Those that want to start with AR’s can start with AR’s and those that want DMR’s/BR’s/LR’s can start with those.


Im starting with the DMR. Hands Down. To hell with the BR ad the AR. I need my precision Weapon.

> Im starting with the DMR. Hands Down. To hell with the BR ad the AR. I need my precision Weapon.

LightRifle FTW!

Anyways, I can guarantee there will be BR/DMR starts because of loadouts. If you want BR/DMR starts, you can have them. If you don’t, there are tons of other weapons to use.

I mean a playlist where those are the only starting weapons. No loadouts or anything like that.

With loadouts, precision only playlists will likely be reserved only for customs, Snipers, and SWAT if I had to guess.

I think what he meant the classic playlist?

You can spawn with a precision weapon universally in this game. I really doubt it’s going to be different for classic playlists.