GTX 1070 for Infinite?

I made a post earlier explaining why I need a GPU upgrade for the game, and I heard a GTX 1070 is still a good card in 2021 and should be high end, and I saw it run infinite well during the flight.

Plus I wanna know, how long will this card last me? and do you think it’s a good card for infinite ( I’m upgrading to 16 GB ram as well btw ).

For just Infinite? I’d hazard that a 1070 should be good for running the game between Medium and High settings. You’d need to tweak it a bit to keep a consistent frame rate.

Broadly speaking though, the 1070 is getting old. The card can absolutely run most games but there is no way you will be running many new games at high settings. It’s a good mid-range card in 2021 and that’s not a bad thing if you want to save money.

I’d say it depends on resolution and expectations of performance. It should be able to run infinite just fine but don’t expect ultra settings or 4k or anything. While the card won’t last years and years to come it should more than last you until the chip shortage starts to wind down and to where you can buy a card at MSRP again and not have to buy from a scalper.

I have a 1060 and it was fine, but ran on low settings because I value performance over graphics.

If you simply want to play infinite without it feeling bad, the 1070 will be more than enough.

But if you care about graphics, higher resolution, or longevity, I would consider a newer card.

I have a 1070! It’s a solid card. With low settings I can get 120-140 locked frames in most games. I exclusively play fps games and always try to get the best performance that I can. I wouldn’t say it’s a high end card, but medium for sure.

In the flight I was getting 75-95 fps with mostly low settings. I don’t think that’s a good representation of what the final build is going to be though. I’m sure they’ll optimize the game more before release.