Grunts vs Crawlers: Who Would Win?

Who do you think would win in this epic clash of the titans?

The grunts would be ripped to pieces.

Grunts use fuel rod cannons, crawlers are in packs, a few shots would dominate the crawlers, so I would say grunts

Crawler with a binary on a wall all the way in the back? Lol Master chief even hides!

Even though crawlers are harder due to smaller hit hit boxes on their head and are always in packs i would say grunts(aka munchkins). Crawlers are good against a large group of enemies, most of their weapons like the particle beam is for single targets, while grunts have plasmas and fuel rods. So 1v1, crawlers, but like 10v10, grunts.


@ninja… so true. I must have died a dozen times on legendary cause i couldn’t see him.

Uhm, excluding power weapons, crawlers should win. Honestly, their rate of fire and mobility and determination is messed in comparison to the classic grunt. On the otherhand, most of the time the chief has to contend with jackals as well so that ends up ballancing things.

All depends on the numbers on each team and the weapons available to each.

If we just go by default weapons (plasma pistol/needler for grunts, and suppressor for crawlers) and even numbers… probably the crawlers.

Crawlers move faster and work to ambush… grunts are just cannon fodder.

ignoring the armament? crawlers are fearless…grunts would run seeing a pack of them

Grunts would win a fight againts an armada of Promethian Knights , Grunts bite knee caps off when given the opportunity is why the Knights are so afraid fo Grunts

Where is the Poll? and Crawlers Hands down. Why because they can have Binary rifles and suppressors can you say instant head shot.

Grunt doing this:


Promethean Crawlers doing this

I think crawlers would win for sure…:wink: