Grunt Mech Boss Fight Idea

The Grunt Mech was the only good boss fight in Halo 5, and due to its appearance in HW2, we know the Banished have Grunt Mechs. And in a game filled with bullet-sponge bosses, we need the Grunt Mech back.

The Grunt Mech will be just like it was in H5, but instead of an actual boss like it was in H5, it will be more like a Chieftain. A mini-boss enemy that is the highest rank a Grunt can obtain, instead of an actual named boss like Jega 'Rdomnai. The mech will return with its H5 attacks and abilities, as well as the beam variant, but with one addition. The Shardstorm Launcher.

The Shardstorm Launcher will be just like it is in HW2. A heat-seeking barrage of giant needles will erupt out of the mech. And in the case of the beam variant, ricocheting hardlight projectiles will fire from the mech instead.

The EMP stomp will return, as well as the melee and jetpack.

Its weakness will also return (Shoot cockpit with plasma, then headshot Grunt inside).

I really hope this is added into Infinite. The Grunt Mech was pretty much the only Halo 5 boss that required skill, and the only boss that actually felt like it belonged in a Halo game. Maybe it will return with Firefight, since the Grunt Mech is pretty much synonymous with that mode.