Grunt Goblin vs. Temple Banshee

During WZ:FF today, I was doing a barrel roll with my Temple Banshee, nowhere close to the Grunt Goblin… apparently he did the seemingly impossible, he charged/flew midair at me with super speed and somehow managed to instakill me (using melee) while I was doing a massive barrel roll. I was like, SERIOUSLY?

The boss is broken, community accepts this

Grunt Goblin is probably even a worse enemy than Didact

-Tons of TONS of health
-Insta kill needler hand canon (I had a Hannibal Tank that got blown up after only THREE needles! WHY??!!? Why does it need to be that powerful!?)
-Super duper homing needler barrage
-immune to EMP’s
-Next to no weaknesses (Yes, the barrage and hands are desctrucible, but barrage after barrage of hannibal shots it seems they have a ton of as well BECAUSE REASONS)

yup it was way too op. thats why in regular warzone no one even goes for it on most maps. 343 needs to see its broken if it isnt even being killed in the majority of games