GroupTHREE - In Search of Members Knowledgeable About Halo Fiction

We are not a clan. SPECWAR/GROUPTHREE is a collective group to be made up of multiple unique teams of SPARTAN-IIIs, each self-governed, each majorly independent of one another. Each team is made up of close friends from near and far, and each is as casual as the team wants to be as far as competitive gaming and like subjects. Bear in mind, we are still a newly founded group with developing rules, ideas, and opinions, and decide things by majority rule on most occasions. We, again, are in no way a clan, and there is no set leader for the collective of teams as a whole - just team leaders of teams with up to six members each. We’re big into making extensive, deep backstory for all of “our SPARTANS”, and want that to progress into small-time machinima.

There are a few major requirements to any personnel who wish to be transferred into SPECWAR/GROUPTHREE, but rest assured, when we say “few” we mean it. However, these few must be enforced to achieve the image originally intended with GroupThree.

  1. You must join the group in order to become a potential transfer to a team. You may also create your own team, consisting of no more than six, and request a transfer.

  2. We are a Halo story-rich group, with background info that attempts to maintain as streamlined a connection as possible with the actual Halo storyline. All group canon must be as close to previously established SPECWAR/GROUPTHREE group canon and Halo franchise canon as possible.

  3. The Xbox Live Bio must be changed to reflect a SPARTAN-III Background File. The below is an example of candidate B-033’s Background File as it would be seen in an Xbox Live Bio:

(P)MOS: 0369

BIRTH DATE: 6/03/2532
PERFORMANCE: The leader of REAVER, B-033 is known for piloting and COV-OP experience, and is equally skilled with all forms of warfare except heavy weapon use.

Specific information will be changed to suit your unique SPARTAN-III as needed.

Currently, we’re searching for new teams of no more than six members to transfer into the group. If you don’t have a team, and are still interested in joining, please contact Carl BOS via, or Carlutios via Xbox Live.