Group of Friends LFM

Hey, as the title suggests a small group of friends and I are trying to organize a Spartan Company to improve at Halo and climb the ranked ladder. The group of us have learned fairly quickly that Halo 5 is a game that if you are playing alone on a regular basis you are going to have a pretty bad time. The goal of this post and our Spartan Company is to help alleviate that issue and hopefully make a few more friends along the way.


  • 18 and up would be cool - Not jive - Gold - Diamond skill level - Typically active and available for a start time of 7 pm EST and an end time of 10:30 pm ESTOther than that there really isn’t much else. It is worth noting that the group of us want to do well and to get better at the game, but more importantly than that we want to have fun playing with one another. If you are someone that is going to freak out and snap on someone for a poor performance or generally be a sad annoying person to be around you probably won’t want to play with us. Just show respect and we will show it back <3.
    Feel free to add Bunnytusk if you are interested in hanging out and playing some games with us.

The Basement Dwellers

Online now if u wana party up??

We should be playing tonight, I’ll add you when I get on later.