Ground Pound & Spartan Charge

Why are Ground Pounds and Spartan Charges so freaking difficult?!? I am repeatedly killed this way all the time in matches, but I cannot figure out how to do them to someone else. It happened so much in one match I wanted to throw the controller through the TV.

Well if you try it when they’re staring right at you, ofc it’s not gonna end well for you. Spartan charge around corners or from the back or when they’re occupied.

A tip for dealing with spartan charges is thrusting to the side.

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> A tip for dealing with spartan charges is thrusting to the side.

With the insane amount of magnetism Spartan charge has this isn’t really advisable as it maybe works 1/10 times especially considering the closed in corridors on most maps

thrust at backwards out of range of the charge instead

Both ability’s are better when used as movement utility options, rather than offensive options.

Recently Part of me hates them being in Arena because of how jank and clunky they are, but a louder part of me says they are an integral part of the H5 sandbox.

Using charge to cross the two jumps on the top tier of Empire, or using pound to quickly get into bottom mid on Plaza for example is great!

I dont really have an issue with ground pound, its usually pretty easy to avoid, just listen for the tell tale sound. Spartan charge though, has way too much magnetism and is far too easy to land.

man oh man do I hate Spartan charge. I despise it. Despise it. Did I emphasize despise? I’ll give u an example of only noobs use it. I was versing a bronze 6 on a friends account and guess what the only thing he tried to do was?

Just gotta time the ground pounds right and for charges, gotta try and catch the off guard

Hello New person to Halo 5, Charges and drops…
Avoid being near anything over 5feet, and avoid being next to any door frames, voila~ oh and you have a thruster pack, and a radar, those help too.