Ground pound shouldn't pop shields if you jump up!

Does anyone agree? It seems like there is no way to avoid getting damaged from a ground pound unless you are completely out of range. This can be difficult to do as there isn’t much time to react once you hear the sound of an enemy charging up. My reaction is to jump in the air and try to thrust out of range, but I always end up getting my shields popped. I’m not going to try and interpret real life vs video game physics, but in my mind it seems like a ground pound should not impact anyone who is in the air at the time of the spartan slamming the ground. Any thoughts?

Kinda makes sense, I mean if the damage is from a force of impact then it should at least mitigate the damage. I try to boost and jump out of the way, sometimes it works, sometimes it dont

Yeah I’d actually like that.

It makes sense logically, but it would completely neuter the ground pound. Maybe it shouldn’t fully break your shields if you jump, but jumping shouldn’t negate all damage. That’d be way too easy and no one would even attempt to ground pound any more.

Ground pound attacks in any game have never really made sense to me. The only kind that make sense are ones like the Gravity Hammer because of its force blast or the ground pound from the Titans in Destiny because of the electric wave that comes out. But the Spartan ground pound is just them hitting the ground. Doesn’t make sense that them hitting the ground hurts anybody except for the person the directly land on.

A functional gimmick isn’t something you should expect.