Grinding to 152 and want to and/or need help

I’ve seen a lot of people on grinding the last few levels out to get to level 152. I’m one of them. I’m 151 and 22% of the way to 152. Feel free to add me to your friends list if you are a serious player in Mythic WZFF. If you see me on feel free to join me or send me an invite. Will be grinding a lot over Thanksgiving Vacation as I’m off of work. Together we can get to level 152 together.

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You’re a lot closer to me. I’m 148 atm, but I keep running solos so randoms never finish the match out. Definitely would love to squad up!

Feel free to add me as a friend. That way you know I’m on. Definitely plan on grinding over the Holiday. Possibly tonight. If you see me on feel free to join. No need to ask. But I’m running Mythic WZFF only. Grants the most XP

What happens when you reach 152?

In Halo 5 u unlock the MANTLE emblem and reach max rank. You will also unlock an armor color in Halo Infinite which can only be unlocked by reaching level 152