Griffin Technology Halo-off

I work for a little company called Griffiin Technology and we all absolutely love Halo. So much so, that I kind of went rogue and somehow convinced our boss to let us have a LAN party on Tuesday to celebrate the release of Halo 4 (sweet, I know).

But here’s the kicker: My boss wasn’t content with us just playing. She wanted us to play against people and give stuff away. So we’re officially throwing down the gauntlet and challenging the Halo community to a 2-hour Halo-off.

From 8:00pm-10:00pm CST on Tuesday, November 6, we’ll be randomly selecting people who have sent friend requests to us on Xbox Live to play against the all-stars of our LAN party in a single 4v4 match. If you can manage to come together with your randomly selected teammates and somehow overcome our guys in orange, you (and your teammates) will snag $25 store credit to our online store. Simple.

The 'tags you need to friend by Tuesday are:

There it is. Who wants to play some Halo with us?

Meh, cool action, but I will be playing Campaign all day. And I won’t like to play with random teammates.

nice kinda like a Xbox community playdate. I probably wont play though Because of campaign

Ha. I figured quite a few people would be playing campaign as soon as they got it. That’s what I normally do, too. But it was either tradition or get to play Xbox at work, so I went with the latter. :slight_smile: