My friends and I wish to play Griffball on Halo 3, but it seems impossible to do since we cannot find a way to download the game, and we have no luck finding it in matchmaking. Can anyone offer aid?

If you’re playing backwards compatible Halo 3 the community on that is fairly small in general, and MCC and Halo 5 grifball aren’t much more active honestly. Your best bet is probably to try in halo 5 with expanded search on, and if you want a more classic grifball experience you’ll occasionally find a game in the ‘Halo 3 Grifball Throwback’ playlist in MCC, mainly in primetime, but not that frequently. This is only based on my own experiences and I haven’t really played BC halo 3 that much either, so maybe it’ll be different for you but idk.

You could always LAN with your friends and play Griffball on Halo 3 via Xbox 360

It´s in Social playlist bro, the game mode its random