seriously tho…we need griffball. i know some people just dont like griffball or dont see the point, but dude…its griffball

Agreed. The more variety, the better. I’d also really like to see infection mode, and something tantamount to firefight. Like, a PvE only Warzone that you can use REQ packs on.

EDIT: That actually brings up a question. Why is Shotty Snipers only a weekend playlist? Why not make it permanent?

I love playing grifball. So much fun. I hope it would allow you to throw the ball like in Halo 4, since that was fun to do. All we can do now is hope they add it in.

Grifball would be great with the new spartan abilities,
Infection would be awesome to!

Griffball is life. Griffball is love. Damn it… Nooooooo… I need my Griffball fix. Pease 343i for all that is holy in Halo, give us Griffball Playlist now.


I desperately miss Griffball. We need the hammer patched in first though, no?

Yes, griffball must return.

I’m dying inside with anticipation of playing grifball and infection. We’ve got some good competitive playlists, now we need 2-3 social ones.