Griffball Edit - Wanna go head to head?

Hello everyone land0 here. I recently really got into griffball with a couple of friends and really enjoy that game mode. With that being said I recorded a bit of my gameplay and made a simple edit I thought you guys might enjoy. Its not a montage but more of a edit. My clan WNPO loves this game mode and the new Firefight. So if you have a group who wants a challenge PM us to do a private custom game! I would love to get some footage of team vs team gameplay on griffball. :smiley: Also if you wouldnt mind liking that vid I would highly appreciate it. Thanks!

Need a Spartan Company? Tired of trying to scrounge up groups to play halo? Look for WNPO (Wruq Neru Pe Odosima) in the SC page.

Wruq Neru Pe Odosima

Just a harmless bump xP!

Also here is another link to a Girffball match!