Griffball being to easy to betray

The gametype Griffball is way too easy to betray your friends. You get a gravity Hammer and a Energy sword and there is no such thing as a friendly fire Off. Do any of you think that this is unfair and too easy to be banned from Halo for being a traitor? please tell me what you think should change

I agree turn FF off

Betrayal should be turned off in this particular game type because teammates aren’t stupid it is just being a the wrong place at the wrong time type of situation

There’s a ton of ways to fix this problem; move all non ranked games to there own section, turn off or down friendly fire, or you could simply make it take two confirmation to boot someone. People a smashing bottoms and don’t even meant to boot there team mates. Fix this problem fix it.

thank you, somepeople agree with me

I agree, it’s even worse when there’s lag (I’m Australian) and you try to hit an enemy with a grav hammer and you rubber band backwards and kill your own team-mate. I got banned because of that exact situation.

Stop banning us I like grifball, but stops being fun when all your worried about the hole time it your team mate running in front of you.

Never mind I’m switching to Doom, halo has been going down hill for the last two game hmm I wonder why ha later.

I don’t think that killing your team mates is that big a deal, however, when you are killed by a team mate several times you actually have to report them when the prompt comes up before a ban is issued. Simple solution is to use the sword and get everyone not to report every the prompt comes up. Most people I am guessing don’t read the message that pops up and end up reporting you, getting you a ban and losing as the team is now short a player

It’s pretty much been always been easy. Now I do wish that the booting in it wasn’t there even though it helps with people who do it on purpose but when people run in front of me trying to steal my kills, they get caught in the crossfire and it makes me betray them every time, then they ban me even though it was their fault for running into my line of fire.

No friendly fire conversation closed.

FF should be as it is, The ban system NEEDS to ease up. I was banned 3 times in the course of 4 games. Seriously?