griff ball and objective

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i need a team of 4 people, serious gamers who want to kill -Yoink!- the entire other team, people that MUST HAVE A MIC. willing to take 1 objective player who can’t kill -Yoink!- good, but can play the objective who wants to bring his win ratio up over a 2.0.
we will be playing griffball until ALL of us have the multi kill weekly, or if u don’t want to, its only wedsnday, i got 100 legit in mlg and objective its an easy challanage. we will then move onto team objective, yes i know its not slayer, but if we pick asylum all day, its better. i personly am averAGING 45 kills in my past 15 games played on the map, yes i snipe -Yoink!-, when ur going in and getting paired with randoms, whos k/ds is .67, whos not?
thats the plan, irdc if i get 3 other slayers, because i want kills.
if ur intrested, hit me up
gt: Lime Josh