Grifball: Skill or No Skill?


To play, no. You just need to be able to navigate reach’s menus and find the right playlist. To play it well, sure. To win, sometimes need team coordination, a bit of decision making, and/or luck. To statpad well requires the skill to space out your pulls of the right trigger by 3 seconds.

What does your 3rd poll option mean? “Depends on if you wanna win or v”?

v is supposed to be down arrow lol

Really bored

Yup. That is all.

It takes skill to land blows without getting hit yourself. Against experiences grifballers; if you’re a sometimes or new player in grifball pros can and will wipe the floor with you. I’ve noticed that ‘pros’ usually spawn farm to get kills/medals/sprees/commendations/stats/etc. It’s not so much playing an assault game with hammers and swords as it is a way to make your ego bigger (k/d ratio).

Back when I played it often I could get away with a lot of kills in a match, and it took skill to get the timing right. It took even more skill to get multikills using the sword, I believe I came very close to an extermination using the sword once. However after getting the multiplicative weekly challenge for the second time I now refuse to touch it unless I want a challenge quickly finished.

Online, it is dependent on connection a lot, but Grifball LAN takes a lot of skill, no one has that unfair advantage.

I’m sure it takes a modicum of skill, but I hope nobody out there will use that as justification for shameless boosting. It requires far less skill than other game types and the potential rewards are totally disproportionate to the skill required when compared to other game types.

Allowing a mini game to progress commendations and gain credit was a massive mistake. Does griffball require skill? I suppose. Should it give a stack of credit and commendation progress for boosters? NO.

Who cares? It’s fun, and that’s all that really matters.

It takes skill and timing with a Hammer and Sword, against people who know what they are doing its who can strike first and at the right timing, and here is the grifball website they have teams and etc. and if you see the highlights its awesome because it does take teamwork and skill to succeed at grifball, I consider myself quite good at it because I play it a lot and my timing is almost on the spot

> To play, no. You just need to be able to navigate reach’s menus and find the right playlist. To play it well, sure. To win, sometimes need team coordination, a bit of decision making, and/or luck. To statpad well requires the skill to space out your pulls of the right trigger by 3 seconds.

You summed that up for me pretty well. Grifball is one of those things were it is 50% skill, 50% luck, and that’s what I personally enjoy about it.

Due to host advantage, it takes a large amount of skill to play Grifball. That’s why I like Dash so much, since you can utilize Evade to kill opponents before they kill you.

oh man failball, my most loathed playlist of all time.

no skill required. If it doesn’t have a DMR or something similar there is nothing skilled about it. Just like with Living Dead it’s a playlist that should have never been put into real matchmaking (minus some double exp event or something, but not permanent). Full of stat padders and the rejects who want to make their k/d look better because they can’t go into normal playlists with real weapons and gets kills that way.

Mashing the fire button on your controller and spawn trapping 4 points =/= skill. I don’t care what anyone says. Most of those players can’t even use an AR in normal playlists competently so that just proves my point further. Anyone can swing an automatic auto aiming sword or hammer at another dude. Not everyone can out DMR another player taking little to no damage using the map surroundings, strafing, and pinpoint accuracy to kill their opponent and get a perfection all in the process. There is a vast skill gap and difference between a failball player and a normal slayer / objective player that plays well so I can never say hostball will ever have any shred of skill in it when the two are compared.

that is all.

Well, considering you first of all have to compensate the timing of your swing in accordance to the host, judge distances from a player, keep an eye on the runner at all times, make pushes, and actually work with your team mates. Yeah, I’d say there’s plenty of skill involved. There’s nothing but you and your team, the other team, and the ball. It takes a lot more skill to face your opponent and out do him than just hide behind something and shoot him from a distance.

Grifball can be played in a skillful way. Take on a team that plays the game in a league and knows how to launch players or do other special moves, and you’ll be owned if you don’t have ways to counter.

Grifball can be extremely competitive if you get the right people, but if you’re just playing online in the playlist, there’s not much skill involved.

Skill - Yes

A lot of Skill - Im not sure

The question should be Griffball host or not? If yes you shouldnt lose. But if so and you still lose then you lack that minescule ammount of skill it takes to pull the trigger, or your batteries went dead in your controller.

> Grifball LAN

Never have I heard such a preposterous thing.

I thought I knew all about the workings of Grifball, until I started playing with those who play it almost exclusively. Those at GrifballHub and other places put me to shame when I play with them :frowning:

Yes, it certainly takes skill to play well! From timing, to teammate coordination, if you don’t know what you’re doing against a group who has experience, you’ll get destroyed!

You need to possess skill with a gravity hammer and the skill of tricking the enemies and distracting them whilst a team member plants the bomb.

There’s probably other skills involved but I wouldn’t know because I rarely play it. :stuck_out_tongue: