Grifball Pro ruins the playlist

No shields is no way to play Grifball. It used to be a game type of pure casual fun but now you get killed from a hammer like 30 feet away. What’s up with that? Now its so much harder to wield a sword which is one of the most fun weapons to use. Scrap “pro” from the playlist completely, make grifball fun again.

Griffball is fun again, much less abilities which results in less obnoxious bull -Yoink-, the grammar physics work much better than before where a hammer SHOULD beat a sword, it is cool to see you exaggerate its range tho, should I do the same for the sword?

The entire post is way hyperbolic but my drift is that there should be shields. IMO that makes the balance between the sword and hammer great. I’m so glad they took out spartan charge though
And I finally got regular grifball in the playlist and I’m having a much easier time with it

correct me if im wrong, but didnt halo reach’s grifball have no shields as well? if it did, then id say this change is good cuz i found reach’s grifball real fun and it felt balanced.